With many years of experience in the fine art sector, the staff at Old Towne assists clients with art acquisitions and consignments. Collectors and investors who are interested in diversifying their art portfolio are welcome to contact us.


Old Towne offers its clients a full range of options to purchase and sell fine art via public, auction or private treaty sale. Whether you are an avid collector or a first-time investor, Old Towne will loyally serve your interests..


Old Towne respects the desires of clients who prefer to purchase or consign works discretely through a private treaty sale. Our policy is to enable our clients to choose the sales platform that is the most suitable for their individual needs. 


Old Towne is intimately familiar with the nuances of the secondary art market and the auction world. We strive to offer fair appraisals that reflect the most up to date knowledge of current market trends. Please feel free to contact us for free advice and evaluation. It is our goal that our clients will make informed and educated decisions regarding their fine art interests. 


Old Towne offers a full range of fine art estate services. Our partners work with clients and legal executors to design a sale, be it private treaty sale or public auction, that will maximize the estate’s economic potential. Please contact us for more details.


Old Towne specializes in arranging unique exhibitions and art partnership events for organizations and private clubs. We are pleased to host both educational and intimate upscale events in our gallery space. Please contact us for more information.


Old Towne recognizes the significant role emerging artists play in contemporary discourse, and strives to provide a space for these artists so they may continue to grow and gain recognition. We are eager to host events and introduce artists to potential supporters in order to advance these goals. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Old Towne offers curatorial services and collections management for small- and medium- sized private collections. Our services include professional framing, art display, frame or cleaning maintenance, installations, handling, and insurance arrangements to protect your assets.