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Jillian Lee
Minneapolis-based artist Jillian Lee grew up in a small Minnesota town where long winters produced a vivid imagination. Early on Jillian sensed a creative path was ahead gravitating to piano and dance. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota studying art history and developed a passion for painting while traveling in Europe. The artworks of Corot, Friedrich and Monet were captivating. Influenced by these artists, drawing became an outlet that flourished into a sense of belonging for Jillian.

When acquainted with the work of famed interior illustrator, Jeremiah Goodman, she closely studied his watercolors and started painting. She went directly to Mr. Goodman for critique and his review was highly influential in moving forward with her work. Soon Jillian began receiving illustration requests from New York to Los Angeles.

Today, Jillian embraces broader subjects and mediums. A central theme in her work is color, attributed to a love of textiles. She once designed dance costumes drawing upon Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Living in Newport Beach and Scottsdale years later provided a Southern, vibrant inspiration. Currently her favorite platform is mixing paint based on international design - a Japanese kimono, golden Italian damask or layers of a couture gown.

Jillian Lee’s work appeals universally to collectors both domestic and international. She has participated in several exhibitions and created private commissions nationwide.