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Blaine was born December 23, 1961 in Monterey California. When he was two years old his family moved to the beautiful area of Carmel Valley CA, where he was raised.

Blaine began drawing and sketching at a very young age. His mother said, “I would pick his scribbling up form all over the house.” When he was a sophomore at Carmel High School he took a wood shop class and there he started carving in wood. Blaine’s teacher recognized his budding talent and ordered special pieces of wood and stone for him so that he could further develop his talent.

Upon graduation, he attained a position at the Monterey Sculpture Center. He quickly became interested in the process of bronze sculpturing. He began his series of small bronze sculptures with a mythological theme. He was particularly interested in the chemical patinations that are applied to bronze sculptures. He began experimenting with different chemicals and application techniques and developed large range of chemical patinations. He became known as a master patinist and has worked with such well-known artist as Loet Vanderveen, Randy Pickett, Jack Zaiac, Dale Evers, and many others. Blaine has also been requested to travel in order to patina large outdoor sculptures, including a 14-foot Bronze sculpture of Duke Kahanomoku on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii.

Over the years, Blaine has Continued to refine and expand his own lines of sculpture. He usually works in a “semi abstract” style, in which he attempts to capture the essence of feelings of his subjects rather that duplicating detail, but he also has a line of pure abstract., and a line of detailed representational wildlife. Blaine was a received award in judged competitions. At the age of 25, Blaine was accepted to the prestigious Carmel Art Association, at the time he youngest person to have been accepted. He was served several terms on the board of directors of the association.

Blaine creates most of his originals in wax and then uses the lost wax process to cast artwork in bronze. Blaine personally follows most of his pieces through each step of the process, doing most of the work himself.

In 1998 Blaine moved to Visalia, California to take a position with E.M.I., one of the largest art foundries in the country. In 2006 he moved to Springville Utah, to work at Baer Bronze Art Foundry. At both locations he was able to add to both his knowledge and line of art. Blaine still resides in Springville with his wife and family.