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DeVon is a contemporary pop artist creating pieces that reflect the iconic images of the past along with current popular culture. While studying painting and drawing at the University of Utah, he caught the eye of the Dean of Fine Arts who assisted DeVon in creating a unique and innovative Bachelor’s Degree for himself that combined art with specific business and marketing courses. This would ensure DeVon’s commercial career. It led to a highly competitive internship at the curator’s office of the Supreme Court of the United States, as well as an extensive study program abroad of Art History and Language in Europe, where he became fluent in Spanish, French, and Italian. 

Upon graduation, DeVon collaborated with other artists and promoted their work through managing and owning galleries in Beverly Hills, Laguna Beach, Carmel, San Francisco, Park City, and Aspen.  He has lectured in academies of art in Russia, France, Italy, China, South America, and throughout the United States. Though he was successful and enjoyed the gallery world, he found that he couldn’t deny the need to create his own art again.  

It was at that time, that DeVon discovered his love of pop art through his friendship with American Pop Artist, Steve Alan Kaufman. Kaufman had been Andy Warhol’s assistant in The Factory, learning pop art from Warhol himself. When Kaufman passed away unexpectedly, DeVon saw a need in the art world that collided with his personal interests. As DeVon began to express himself through pop art, he frequently referenced and paid homage to all the great pop artists. He continues to do so today, like a DJ to music, he is mixing and remixing images, mediums and references in a way that is simultaneously familiar and never seen before. He is proud to stand on the shoulders of all the greats and frequently talks about a sense of duty to carry on the torch and the legacy of the style that was passed from Warhol, to Kaufman, to him.

 Through this style, he finds that he relates to the loss and haunting beauty in Hollywood icons, rock legends, superheroes and dreamers.  He connects with his subjects in their moment of truth, their eternal “now moment” when the past is gone and the future does not yet exist; when they experienced a glimpse of the pure truth, subtle, sparkling, bright, dazzling, glorious, and radiantly awesome.  He captures these moments and encrusts his subjects in spiritual light through diamond dust, Swarovski crystals, black light, veils and vibrant color. He screen prints images from his own photographs, or sources them from popular culture and mass advertising, then works with a wide variety of other media like acrylic paint, linen, enamel, embedded light/ black light, shadow box, and wood. He creates 3-dimensional ghost-like worlds of multiple layers of plexi-glass. His work invites viewers to a private glimpse of the truth in his subjects. In describing it, he says, “I’m trying to hit that note and tell the hero’s story (because) when you hit that moment of truth, you inspire others.”

DeVon currently lives and works in Park City, Utah. To mention DeVon a little more and his popularity DeVon is very well known in different parts of the country. As a partial list of collectors that I know of that will make you feel good of who your buying. His collectors include Mariah Carey, Charlie Sheen, Kurt Russell, Steve Young, Larry King, and Blake Lively.

Iggy Azalea

Kevin Plank (owner of Under Armour)



Blake and Ryan Reynolds

Steve and Nancy Crown

Chicago Bulls and 11 current players.



Travis Scott


Ryan Lewis … and many others


Patin Hughes

David Grohl

Flo Rida

2 Chains